NMP Course Registration and Application Form

Use this form to apply for a place at a university of your choice if you have a PhIF funded place. To complete this application you will need the following:

  • A completed university application form
  • An email from your CPPE Supervisor confirming you are on an eligible pathway and that they support your application for a place on an NMP course.

Your information


You will have an Educational Supervisor if you are on one of the there core programmes: IUC, GPCP or Care Homes.


You will have a NHS England Lead if you are a non-programme learner with a Care Homes/IUC NHS England lead.

If you do not have an Educational Supervisor or NHS England lead you are not eligible for HEE Pharmacy Integration Funding, and should not complete this form.

Please follow the application process  outlined here (https://www.hecooperative.co.uk/nmp-zone/e-learning/)

Required documentation

CPPE Approval Form

You need to provide evidence of support from your CPPE education supervisors by asking them to confirm in an email: (a) which pathway you are on; and (b) that they support your application for a NMP university course.

You can copy and paste the confirmation email in a word document (including their email address), do a screenshot of the email, or save the confirmation email as a PDF and attach.

Please note the following file types are accepted: txt, pdf, doc, png, jpg.

Which course(s) would you like to apply for a place on?

Complete application

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The Health and Education Co-operative protects the information it has about you and does not share this with third parties (other than companies involved to help manage the data, who are also bound by the 1988 Act).

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