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NMP Course Registration and Application Form

Use this form to apply for a place at a university of your choice if you have a PhIF funded place. To complete this application you will need the following:

For more information about applying for the NMP course if you have a PhIF funded place click here

Your information

Eligible Pathway

A, B and C are salary supported programmes funded by Health Education England. D and E are non salaried programmes where individuals working in care homes and justice sector have been given an invitation to apply.

D - Select D if you are a pharmacists working in a Care Home setting and have had an invitation to apply following an eligibility confirmation email after completing the following form

The email should contain “we are pleased to inform you that your expression of interest for IP training for Care Home Pharmacits has been successful. Next steps…”. You will need to attach evidence of this email below.

E - Select E if you are a Pharmacists working in the Health and Justice Sector and have had an invitation to apply following eligibility email confirmation after completing the following form (includes prisons, secure facilities for children and young people, police and court Liaison and Diversion services and immigration removal centres).

You can’t apply for a PhIF funded course if you do not fit into any of the above options. Contact your local HEE division to see if funding is available in your area through other programmes.


You will have an Educational Supervisor if you are on one of the there core programmes: IUC, GPCP or Care Homes.


You will have a NHS England Lead if you are a non-programme learner. For options D and E type in ‘HEE’.

If you do not have an Educational Supervisor or NHS England lead you are not eligible for HEE Pharmacy Integration Funding, and should not complete this form.

Please follow the application process  outlined here (

Required documentation

(Either save the email confirmation as a PDF, take a screenshot or copy the text onto a word document)

Approval Email

A,B,C (PhIF Pathways)

You need to provide evidence of support from your CPPE or IUC supervisor. This email needs to contain evidence that your supervisor supports your application to start an IP course on the start date you have selected.

D,E (MOCH Pathways)

You need to provide a copy of the standard email giving you permission to progress with an application for an IP funded place. This email needs to include the date that it was sent to you and your email address.

Either save the email confirmation as a PDF, take a screenshot or copy the text onto a word document.

Which course(s) would you like to apply for a place on?

Complete application

HEE PHIF Statement: "We want to ensure that courses funded by the NHS Pharmacy Integration Fund give pharmacy professionals the opportunity to successfully gain skills, knowledge and experience through education and training. We will therefore seek students’ views and experience of the courses, in order understand what works and what could be improved. Formal evaluation work will be led by NHS England or Health Education England, working with approved third parties, to support this work, students will be asked to consent to their personal data including demographic data, contact information, and data on academic success/pass rate being shared with the evaluation team, in line with General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). Students may also be invited to provide more in-depth feedback via workshops, focus groups or written case studies."

The information you have provided may be used by the Health and Education Co-operative membership and PhIF consortia universities, to contact you about courses or other NMP related information you may be interested in. Such information will be processed in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. You can unsubscribe at any time by clicking on the unsubscribe link at the bottom of any email you are sent.

The Health and Education Co-operative protects the information it has about you and does not share this with third parties (other than companies involved to help manage the data, who are also bound by the 1988 Act).

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